Project Management Excellence certification

For those who complete selected courses in the field of Project Management, we offer the possibility of certification – Project Management Excellence. It is the completion of completed courses for a total of 8 days according to the participant’s choice. It ends with a presentation of the project, in which they demonstrate the ability to implement selected Project Management tools in the organization.

  • The Project Management Excellence certificate demonstrates the ability to apply Project Management principles in practice.
  • Interested parties will receive it after completing courses focused on Project Management and defending the project.
  • Those interested in the Project Management Excellence certificate present their projects in practice and receive feedback on the procedures used – areas of strengths and room for further improvement.
  • Certification participants have the opportunity to exchange experiences in the field of solving practical project management issues.
  • If interested, participants also have the opportunity to discuss issues related to the solution of their projects with an experienced FBE consultant.

Defense of your project / projects from your own organization before the committee, which results in a certificate of the Project Management Excellence development program after a successful defense.


Conditions for awarding the Project Management Excellence certificate

  1. Participation in public courses Project Management I and Project Management II  – 4 days total.
  2. Completion of selected public courses in project management, which are listed as optional courses – at least 4 days.
  3. The defense of the final presentation demonstrates the ability of practical skills on a real project.

1. Compulsory courses

2. Optional courses


3. Defense of the project

For certification participants, we offer the possibility of subsequent application support in the form of individual consultation with a lecturer or in the form of workshops directly at the client.

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