As part of FBE's mission ``To help you get even better,`` our aim is not only to assist our customers in achieving their business excellence but also to utilize our resources to support important non-profit activities. This includes investing in the development of the next generation of young people and improving the lives of those in need of assistance. We achieve this not only through direct financial and material support but also through the voluntary work of FBE instructors and collaborators, utilizing our expertise in organizational and employee development.
Under the two priorities of corporate social responsibility - educating the younger generation and assisting the vulnerable - the following non-profit organizations are our long-term partners:

Long-term partners

The Association of Schools of C.S. Lewis:

Narnia Elementary School

Among the schools established by the Association, the Narnia Elementary School (CZŠ Narnia Bratislava) boasts the longest history, evolving from a small school into the largest non-state primary school in Slovakia. Its emphasis on innovative pedagogical methods, coaching of teachers, an excellent English program, and character development serves as an inspiration not only for newly established schools under the same association (now present in Bratislava, Pezinok, Trnava since 2020, and Levice since 2021) but also for other educational institutions. Contributing to this is the development programs for education leaders within the School Principals Academy, an initiative carried out by the Association of Schools of C.S. Lewis with the support of FBE in collaboration with Teach for Slovakia.

C.S. Lewis Bilingual High School

Since the establishment of the Bilingual High School (BilGym) in 2004, we have had the opportunity to observe how the methods frequently introduced by FBE in the business sphere for strategic planning, employee development, and process optimization can work in the practical context of secondary schools. Today, many graduates have completed prestigious universities on five continents, with a significant portion returning to Slovakia. We collaborate with some of them not only on the continuous development of their former school, which emphasizes strong academic and international programs along with character development, but they also become important partners in innovative projects across various aspects of our society.


Non-profit organization that has been providing mentorship and coaching training for non-profit organizations and schools in our region since 1990, making it one of the pioneers in this field. Over time, D3 has developed a mentoring system for high school students. Additionally, the organization provides guidance for the residential community program as part of the informal education offered by the C. S. Lewis Bilingual High School. FBE has provided financial support to help initiate this program.


Organization is focused on developing young leaders to become “drivers of positive change in business, politics, or other key areas of society.” FBE volunteers take on the role of head techerfor each of the three years of the Nexteria Leadership Academy, and eight FBE coaches have participated as mentors for students in a voluntary capacity.

IPMA Young Crew Slovakia

FBE is a partner of IPMA (International Project Management Association) that focuses on the development and certification of project managers. Within the “Young Crew” initiative, younger colleagues from FBE are engaged in leadership and training programs aimed at developing future leaders. This initiative is part of an international network of young professional project managers in the field of project management and personal development.

Teach for Slovakia & Change for Slovakia

During the two-year program focused on leadership, young volunteers will gain first-had experience from Slovak schools in particularly challenging condition. Afterwards they continue as ambassadors and from different positions they drive the change for higher quality of educational system, that enables children from disadvantaged background to succeed in life. FBE is avid supporter of organization’s leadership. On top of that individual partners of FBE are part of organization Change for Slovakia which is a community of successful individuals coming from different fields who are committed to making a difference in the future of education and a country as a whole.


Betánia is a network of social facilities in Bratislava, Senec, and Kalinov offering family-type care and services for seniors and disadvantaged citizens who require care due to their health conditions. The aim is to provide housing and support to individuals in need of care and assistance. The facilities offer various therapeutic activities and programs to enhance the quality of life and activate the residents including bibliotherapy, music therapy, art therapy or activity therapy.

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