``The level of cooperation that we have with FBE, combined with their expertise and constant efforts to create better experience for the trainings have made our partnership very successful. The trainees gave the training a very positive score and have since been asking for more.``

Blaise Francisco, Program Manager for Operations, Marlink BV

FBE has more than 25 years of experience in the development of Call Centers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

We were involved in the establishment of several Call Centers, such as the Slovak Telekom CC. We have implemented comprehensive long-term development programs with other large Call Centers (over 100 operators), such as VÚB and SPP. We set up KPIs, evaluation standards, and conducted complete development of CC employees, including their supervisors (trainings, workshops, coaching, shadowing, mystery calling, call monitoring, email analysis, etc.).

In the international context, we successfully executed a global customer service development project for Marlink. We conducted the development and establishment of a high standard of communication for technical centers and customer-facing personnel. This initiative took place in the company’s regional centers across the USA, Singapore, and five European countries, involving 140 participants in the program. You can find more information about the project on this link.

In our programs, we focus on the client’s objectives, based on which we tailor the scope, format, and content of the development. Objectives can vary, including:

  • Boosting sales
  • Innovative elements in telesales
  • Alignment of communication standards
  • Customer-oriented and professional communication
  • Shortening calls, improving call quality
  • Handling difficult calls and complaints, etc.

We train not only the operators themselves (telephone, email, chat communication, stress management) but also coaches, supervisors, and managers (performance evaluation, coaching feedback, call center management, etc.).

We conduct development in Slovak, Czech, and English languages.

FBE offers a wide range of development activities and services for Call Centers and has extensive experience in the Slovak, Czech, and international markets.

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