Targeted support in achieving the strategic goals of our clients.

The support for the strategic goals of clients provided by FBE contributes to maintaining momentum towards the target, strengthening shared understanding among management in critical decisions, and ensuring that the strategy translates into tasks and measurable objectives.

``The FBE workshops are valuable because they can inspire people to find the motivation to make changes and be ready to act on those changes.``

Ing. Marián Marek, CEO of PosAm

The collaboration typically takes place through strategic workshops and consultations with top management. The foundation is getting acquainted with the situation, needs, and strategic intentions of the client. The outcome of the planning phase is the creation of an implementation plan for the strategic goals.

In the direct support of the client’s strategic objective, it involves a collaborative partnership between senior experts and trainers from FBE and the client’s top management. This collaboration is achieved through tailored and integrated activities, designed to address the specific strategic needs of the client. The composition and format of these activities are aligned with the particular strategic requirements.

FBE Bratislava has extensive experience in implementing strategic development partnerships with significant companies at both local and international levels. Our trainers and experts, with experience spanning across various business sectors, enable targeted support to clients in achieving their critical business objectives.

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