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SPC for Excel®, Six Sigma for Excel®, Process Improvement for Excel®

The software enables graphical and numerical evaluation of data in a standardized format, which is used for data analysis in manufacturing and service processes with the most commonly used process management systems such as VDA and ISO TS 16949.

It utilizes the standard MS Excel® environment, which facilitates the training process for its operation. The user-friendly interface through guided windows ensures a smooth experience without the need to navigate through complex menus. Its outputs are easily editable and can be seamlessly integrated into reporting forms using the MS Windows® environment.

The selection of output options for analyses is available in three languages:

SPC for Excel®

It is a “user-friendly” software that provides the user with support for data analysis and processing through menus and forms used in organizations managed by quality management systems (VDA, ISO TS16949, ISO 14000, and similar).

Tools for analysis:

  • SPC charts: X-bar R, X-bar S, Individual X, np, p, c, u
  • Pareto diagram, Histogram, Correlation
  • MSA – Measurement System Analysis
  • Process Capability
  • Statistical hypothesis tests – t-test, F-test, correlation matrix
  • Autocorrelation
  • Linear regression
  • and others

Six Sigma for Excel®
Process improvement for Excel®

Software for supporting improvement methodologies.

It includes “SPC for Excel®” and additionally other features and forms for project management that facilitate the user’s standardized use of Six Sigma tools in each phase of the “DMAIC” (roadmap) and project documentation.

It also provides basic combinatorial tables for DOE (Design of Experiments) experiments along with statistical evaluation.

Software Price List

Participants of the SPC, MSA, or Six Sigma GB, BB courses are eligible for a 20% discount (when ordering before the course or within 1 month after completing the course). Additionally, existing users of SPC for Excel® can avail a special discount when purchasing the Six Sigma for Excel® software.

Other optional services

Software modifications according to requirements

The software can be customized to meet your current needs. This includes adjustments to controls, forms, automated data transfer from measurement systems, as well as adding new features, diagrams, and more.

Training and consultancy

You can additionally order training for the software through practical examples, preferably within the customer’s organization.


Volkswagen, Mondi SCP, Miba, Slovalco, EDSCHA Slovakia, Eurocontrol, Johnson Controls, MAGNA Slovteca, Plastiflex, Sensus Metering Systems, Slovak Telekom, U.S. Steel Košice

Software Value Stream Manager 2.0

Software for creating and managing value stream maps and supporting Lean Management implementation, value stream mapping, and value stream management.

Value Stream Manager 2.0 is used for creating value stream maps, process management and monitoring, as well as assigning responsibilities for updating data in different process sections. It is typically utilized by Lean managers, production supervisors, or other personnel responsible for value streams within the company.

The program can be launched via a web browser on both Windows and OS X platforms without the need for product installation. Full support is provided for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. With support for tablets and smartphones, data updates are made very simple. You can open your value stream map directly through a link and immediately update the necessary information.

Advantages of Value Stream Manager 2.0 software

Systematic identification of issues within value streams. The ability to focus on improvements that have a significant impact on the entire value stream. Value Stream Manager allows you to simulate the effects of individual solutions from the perspective of the overall value stream.

Faster and more convenient creation of value stream maps compared to Excel or manual recording on “brown paper.” Intuitive interface that guides the capture of all essential data in the process.

Simplicity – if we make any changes to the value stream, Value Stream Manager immediately recalculates and displays the new results. This also allows for simulating changes with an instant recalculation of their impact on the value stream parameters.

Real-time data collection and synchronous data gathering from operations through the integration of mobile devices is a key feature. The program also offers the capability to connect with sensors directly on devices, enabling automatic data collection and updates about your process. Value Stream Manager eliminates the fundamental problem of value stream mapping in Excel or paper format, which is dealing with outdated data (or the labor-intensive process of updating).

The software provides the ability to track multiple product families as well as different segments of the value stream within a single map. This includes sections with varying cycle times or work durations.

Engagement of employees and increasing awareness of the value stream are facilitated through assigned responsibilities for specific sections of the value stream.

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As a long-standing partner of Minitab®, we offer training sessions to help you navigate the usage of this popular statistical tool. For instance, we provide explanations of the most commonly used functionalities in our “Introduction to Minitab®” training. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the tool through the application of statistical methods and data analysis.

Upon client request, our training programs such as Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt, or the SPC (Statistical Process Control) cycle can be conducted using the Minitab® software for practical application.

You can obtain more information about our Minitab® training sessions or the software itself by contacting us at

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