Strategic planning and its transfer to the system of KPIs and goals

Strategic planning is derived from a company’s long-term vision and translates it into medium-term and annual goals, ensuring their conversion into plans and steps that lead to their achievement. It also involves defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and assigning responsibilities to individuals with specified deadlines. In some manufacturing companies, this method is referred to as “Hoshin Kanri” (Compass Management), and one of the tools used can be the planning X-matrix. In addition to the top-down cascading planning approach, the “catchball” system is also employed. This system ensures feedback from those who execute tasks, creating a two-way flow of information.

During workshops led by FBE facilitators, managers from various levels participate, for whom the planning is carried out. Once the team goes through this process multiple times and gains experience with the proper application of the methodology, in subsequent years, the organization’s management can entrust an internal moderator with guiding the process based on established procedures.

Daniel Laco

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