Implementation of company systems based on Lean principles at all levels

The implementation of a customer-oriented production system in the company, based on principles such as “pull,” “just in time,” and the elimination of non-value-added activities, applies to all levels of management, core processes, as well as administrative support and supplier interactions.

In recent years, we have implemented production systems in various industries. In the region’s most significant automotive company, strategic workshops with managers were conducted as part of the implementation process. This included retraining all employees and fine-tuning the systems through workshops. For a leading global player in the construction industry, we oversaw the implementation of the system in 15 manufacturing and 3 non-manufacturing entities. In collaboration with a prominent global player in the cable and cable solutions sector, we conducted a 1.5-year program in three phases to train experts who are now deploying this production system in their facilities across Europe, Asia, and North America.

The results are impressive, including recognition for the leanest production in Europe, profit margins 2-3 times higher than competitors, and the ability to serve the most demanding global customers regardless of region. However, equally important outcomes of such projects are achieving sustainability through engaging key personnel and fine-tuning the overall management system.

Karol Horváth

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