Tailor-made solutions in the field of enhancing sales performance start with two basic approaches:

  1. The client precisely defines their challenges and needs.
  2. They allow us to assess their needs or an audit of their business processes and sales force.

We most commonly address the following tasks:

  • Weak preparation for sales negotiations
  • Salespeople are afraid of price objections because they cannot effectively argue for the benefits and value of higher-priced products and services.
  • Insufficient closing skills
  • Lack of a proper system for managing key clients, absence of decision-maker analysis, knowledge gaps about procurement processes, and potential client development plans.
  • Inefficient time management and lack of discipline in using CRM systems, resulting in many meetings with little impact and unclear outcomes.
  • Quickly providing discounts to clients, even those who don’t meet the conditions.
  • Poor persuasiveness in sales communication.
  • Ineffective sales management practices, etc.

We also frequently encounter the statement: “We have experienced salespeople.” However, upon closer examination of their skills, we find that they struggle with fundamental techniques such as approaching new clients, identifying needs, delivering targeted product and service presentations, handling objections, negotiating prices, and gaining agreement.

How do we achieve improved sales performance

  1. Accurate analysis of the causes of poor performance
  2. Comprehensive development project
  • Trainings – skill development
  • Shadowing (internal/external) – application in practice
  • Follow-up and preparatory workshops – application in practice
  • Involvement of superiors – long-term sustainability
  • Improvements to the sales system and salespeople’s work – increased efficiency
  1. Meaningful measurement
  • Activities and their quality
  • Indicators (e.g., CLOSING RATIO, portfolio characteristics, etc.)
  • Results (closed deals, turnover, profit)

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