Implementation of a system for continuous improvement

Client’s vision

The management of a prominent automobile manufacturer’s plant, after a successful growth period, set a goal to better harness the potential of their employees for continuous process improvement, thus strengthening their position within the group and securing new projects. The challenge did not lie in the specific improvement tools but rather in the motivation of the people influenced by a system that became a barrier to the initiatives aimed at consistently enhancing the company’s efficiency.


FBE’s support involved assessing the company’s culture and organizational elements according to the “High Performance Business Systems” model, which we had experience with through our partnerships in the USA and UK. After individual and group meetings with stakeholders ranging from the executive level to selected key employees, systemic causes were identified during workshops with cross-functional teams. Proposed actions were aimed at embedding the philosophy of continuous improvement throughout the company at all levels. Subsequently, FBE became a strategic partner for the company in implementing long-term development programs, enhancing the motivational system, and standardizing the production system. Despite these strategic initiatives, our client has continuously strengthened its position as a leader in quality and production efficiency for complex products in the Central European region.

Daniel Laco

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