Lean Production at a manufacturer of building materials

FBE has been an invaluable partner in our journey to implement a sustainable culture of continuous improvement. They have supported us at a strategic level and on a daily basis, working with our leaders, then on the shop floor in our factories, face to face with our front line employees.

From the start, in the planning phase, with initial workshops and training, we help create an aligned vision and goals, then support improved workplace standards, improve communication and use new improvement tools.

Kevin Day, Industrial Performance Director RMW Europe, Knauf Insulation

The introduction of a Production system based on CI (Continuous Improvement) and Lean is always about finding the right methods and implementation options in the organization. This was also the case with the leading manufacturer of building materials KNAUF.

After the successful implementation of the first phase of the deployment of the Lean /CI Production system in the Slovak factory Knauf Nová Baňa, practical training and consulting continued in a total of 14 countries. Cooperation took place in both production and non-production “units”. From the shopfloor to the strategic level of the entire group.

  • Implementation of Lean / CI production system in the concern.
  • From vision and strategy to deployment of Lean / CI tools.
  • Adapting methods, tools and building corporate culture.
  • In production and administration. An important aspect is sustainability.
  • Newly emerging operations and factories with a century-old tradition.

Before the widespread implementation of Lean/CI was launched, it was necessary to test the functioning of these methods in pilot workplaces.

1.) In the first factory, we verified the introduced Lean methods for the specific nature of continuous and discrete production processes. Subsequently, where necessary, the methods were modified in order to achieve higher efficiency and effectiveness as a result.

2.) Shortly after the first factory, the implementation continued in the next plant. At the same time, the differences between the two factories were evaluated and adjustments were made where necessary.

3.) Part of the next step was the presentation of the implementation procedures to the wider management of the other factories.

4.) FBE continued with the implementation in three other factories to achieve the same direction in all plants.

5.) Only subsequently did our international partners start implementing the same methods and procedures in other factories.

6.) Our task was, among other things, to see that the implementation will take place in the same way in other plants as well.

7.) The implementation of CI (Continuous Improvement) and Lean was not limited to production processes , but also commercial and administrative departments .

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Procedures for introducing Production systems and similar CI and Lean implementation programs are based on more than 20 years of experience. It started in the automotive industry, later also in other manufacturing companies, including those where continuous production processes prevail, which is also the given example of a manufacturer for the construction industry. For more than 10 years, we have also been helping companies in the field of financial, IT/telecom and other services.

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