Assessment Center (AC) is a professional procedure, the aim of which is to comprehensively evaluate the suitability of the participant for a defined position and name his or her prerequisites, as well as limits, for effective management of related tasks and responsibilities.

In a Development Center (DC), alongside assessing the current capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses of the participant, we also focus on specific prerequisites for further professional or managerial development. We identify areas for anticipated successful performance, developmental areas, and the participant’s specific professional limitations.

Assessment and Development Centers are tools for specific and in-depth evaluation of candidates or employees with anticipated potential for further growth. Our clients increasingly use these comprehensive assessment methods with specific outputs and recommendations for crucial personnel decisions.

Assessed competencies

The assessed competencies are always specified for each specific Assessment Center (AC) or Development Center (DC). The set of assessed competencies is defined in collaboration between the professional sponsor of the AC or DC and the client during the preparatory phase. The focus of AC and DC always reflects the client’s specific situation, intention, and needs.

Examples of assessed competencies:

  • Managerial skills and abilities
  • Effective communication skills
  • Interpersonal behavior
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Resilience and stress management
  • Influence and self-confidence
  • Results-oriented approach
  • Emotional intelligence
Three people during assesment and development


Evaluation of the participant in the form of a written report

The output of AC and DC is a structured written report about the participant, which includes:

  • Analysis of participant’s competencies and personality based on observed criteria
  • Assessment of participant’s potential and suitability for the defined position (AC)
  • Recommendations for appropriate job placement
  • Recommendations for strengthening strengths and developing weaknesses
  • Proposal of a participant’s development plan (DC)

Personal feedback

Individual reports are presented to the client with room for discussion and additional questions.

Individual presentation of outputs is also available to participants if the client expresses interest.

Methods and implementation process

Development and Assessment Center is a process during which participants undergo a series of specific tests, group tasks, and individual activities within one day. The tests and simulated scenarios are prepared based on the specific needs and situation of the client.

During the preparation of the AC / DC, criteria and competencies are defined upon which we will focus. The proposed methodology and implementation plan are approved by the client before the actual implementation.

During the implementation, participants undergo a set of psychodiagnostic tests, model situations, case studies, including a structured interview with a professional evaluator. We utilize psychodiagnostic methods such as a personality questionnaire, decision-making test, performance test, conflict resolution strategy test, and others.

During the solving of individual tasks, participants are observed by expert evaluators.

Form of implementation

Assessment and Development Centres typically have a duration of 1 day.

They can be conducted in both group and individual formats.

The standard form of this course is in-person. In case of necessity (such as during unfavorable epidemiological situations), we also conduct AC and DC sessions online using licensed online psychodiagnostics and the collaborative platform Zoom.

The professional guarantor for AC and DC.

We implement AC and DC in cooperation with the specialized partner company Human Inside.

Erika Matwij

Lecturer Erika Matwij

She has been professionally engaged in consulting and advisory activities in the field of human resource management since 1999. She leads development projects for FBE Bratislava in the area of human resource development and development of HR professionals. She is a specialist in the design and management of Assessment and Development Centers.

She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at Comenius University in Bratislava, majoring in psychology. She successfully completed long-term training in the field of human resource management. She has extensive practical experience in a managerial position in the field of human resource management (employee recruitment and selection, assessment centers, coaching, employee satisfaction and organizational climate analyses, personnel audit, 360° feedback, etc.).

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