``We learned about the power of working together by participating in interactive training with the FBE during WS LEAN for our SK/CZ departments. The instructors were highly skilled professionals. With their help, we realized the significance of sharing information efficiently and setting strategies within our departments. The training focused on collaboration to solve problems, effective communication, and reaching team goals. We're grateful for the experience.``

Ing. Miroslav Škuba, LEAN manager Eastern Europe, Schaeffler

For our clients, we realize teambuildings of a smaller and larger nature. Teambuildings, as long as they are conducted professionally, are an effective tool for strengthening the collective, strengthening loyalty to the company or fulfilling specially assigned company goals.

Types of teambuilding

  • Outdoor team building
  • Indoor teambuildings
  • Online team building

Structure and flow of activities

  • Teambuilding mostly consists of several outdoor and indoor activities
  • Activities are selected depending on the goal of team building
  • Each activity is followed by an analysis in the form of a workshop
  • We answer questions from the point of view of the target
  • Examples of questions “What did we learn about ourselves, our team, communication, collaboration, how to solve a task, etc. during the activity?”
  • Turning it into practice: “Where do similar situations arise in our work?” “How do we solve them?” “Which knowledge from the activity and its analysis is good to use in our practice?”

Scope of teambuilding

  • The time range of teambuilding is 0.5 to 2 days
  • The size of the group is 8-12 people when led by one lecturer, with several lecturers and assistants it is from 13 to 80, or even more participants

Possible team building goals

  • Improving team or inter-team collaboration and communication
  • Improve communication between organizational units of the company
  • Support the pursuit of common company goals and weaken the “silo effect”: prioritizing partial goals over overall goals
  • Identification and improvement of company culture, solving problems in company culture
  • Promotion of loyalty to the employer
  • Creativity of individual team members
  • To reveal potential communication problems of the collective, but also previously unsuspected reserves of the entire team and individuals
  • Getting to know team and personal strengths and weaknesses while completing team activities and challenges
  • Strengthening trust, openness and cohesion
  • Release everyday work stress
  • Get to know each other within the work team in new situations
  • Improve the ability to make decisions together, under pressure or in other circumstances
  • And others…

We will compile the goals and content of a specific team building according to your needs and expectations.

Samples of selected team building activities

Air mission - Teambuilding Online

AIR MISSION is a simulation of team and inter-team cooperation and communication in an online environment. The game has a spy plot and works with the theme of traveling around the world. The participants are divided into two separate teams, working together to complete a secret mission – to transport a microchip and a sample of a rare drug halfway across the globe and shake off their pursuers along the way.However, the time for joint meetings between the two teams is minimal, so information sharing and effective communication are extremely important. To complete the task, participants must overcome various obstacles, work under time pressure with coded information and fulfill multiple challenges, all in an online environment that has now become an integral part of our working life.

The simulation has 2 rounds, between which the participants will do an improvement workshop with the aim of making mutual communication and cooperation more efficient.

The game experience and the atmosphere are enhanced by original visuals and photographs in the film noir style.

The analysis of the experience is focused on:

  • System in communication and coordination of individual team members
  • Principles of effective cooperation and communication and information transfer
  • Finding effective procedures for achieving better results
  • Elimination of communication limits caused by remote communication (in an online environment)

At the end, the participants jointly establish the key principles and principles of communication and cooperation.

``The Air Connector training is all about teamwork in an online setting, and it was a full-day effort without any ``naps`` in front of the computer 🙂 I really appreciate the innovative way they organized the training, using gamification. We spent the entire day working together interactively and learning the theory using the MURAL board. This approach helped bring people who did not know each other into a collaborative group.
I enjoyed how they introduced an element of competition by dividing us into two interconnected but separate groups, and the debriefings after each part of the game helped us improve our performance. I also found inspiration for my work. Thanks a lot!``

Ing. Michaela Jurašiová, education methodologist, VÚB, a.s.

``This course is fantastic for improving online work efficiency. I highly recommend it``

Marek Máčovský, Network Engineer, SIA Central Europe, as,

"Save the King" - teambuilding with story

“Who poisoned the king? Will he be able to save his life?
Join the commander of the castle guard and become a participant in the story. A descent into the catacombs awaits you. Find your way through the maze and save the king who has been poisoned by someone!”

  • Teambuilding in the format of an interactive story, the resolution of which is in the hands of the participants
  • The story forms the basic framework, the storyline, and can be used for teambuildings supporting team cooperation, cohesion, creativity, as well as for training on topics such as Leadership, informal authorities, self-management teams, the art of endurance, etc.
  • Activities, analysis, theme and story connect to each other and form a harmonious whole. In this way, we involve the participants even more and enrich the educational experience with an original element
  • The story gives teambuilding structure, tension and a point


``I've had several training experiences at various companies before, but this one stood out because it kept us engaged with a story all the way. It made the training both useful and motivating, and I really enjoyed it.``

Júlia Gecziková, Logistics Manager, Participant in the ``Teamwork`` training using the interactive storyline ``Save the King``

Teambuilding with the theme of "Escape Room''

  • Teambuilding takes place in an exciting and adventurous atmosphere. Participants perform tasks they cannot predict, face constant changes, have to function as individuals and as a team. They need to overcome problems together to achieve success
  • It is necessary to move forward, give your best and use the strengths of everyone available. Participants support each other and learn from each other as they go
  • The story is set in an abandoned factory where a mad scientist plans bloody revenge. The only way to salvation is to pass difficult tests based on clues. Time stress increases the tension, just like in real practice. Participants must make decisions and solve problems under pressure
  • The game is accompanied by beautiful visualization, acoustic accessories, interesting puzzles and unusual tools
  • Each experience and completion of a partial task is followed by a debriefing, discussion and feedback from the lecturer. The goal is to clarify the learned principles, summarize them and put them into the practice of the participants
  • The game can be used for trainings focusing on change, creativity, thinking in contexts, etc.
  • Implementation can be in-person indoor or online

``We had a blast with our online team-building event with escape room theme. It was a big group, 42 of us in total, and we all joined in. Thanks to our awesome trainers and engaging activities, we got a great reminder of how important teamwork, cooperation, facing challenges, and helping each other are. The team-building event allowed our colleagues to share ideas, have a good laugh, meet new coworkers, and have some fun, even during these pandemic times.

The online team-building event was well-organized and the instructors did a fantastic job. After spending a long time working alone from home, we highly recommend it to boost our team spirit and motivation.``

Ing. Eva Krajčírová, FCCA, CPA, Global Operations Head of Book to report and Georgína Széllová, MBA, Human Resources Manager, OSRAM a.s.

Team simulation ZAP

  • Multi-round simulation of team and inter-team collaboration aimed at improving measurable KPI results and improving internal/external communication
  • The team is divided into three groups and has to determine the most effective strategy to achieve the best result within the specified restrictions
  • The simulation has an espionage plot: each competing team has the same espionage task and its fulfillment is evaluated. While completing the task, the participants overcome various obstacles and additional tasks
  • After each round, participants do an improvement workshop to improve their strategy
  • The experience is followed by debriefing, analysis and connection with practice

Game analysis can be focused, for example, on:

  • Understanding the assignment and the impact of priorities on the outcome
  • System in communication
  • The importance of cross-functional teams
  • Creativity and new ideas to improve work
  • Setting goals and achieving better results

The simulation can be implemented in both outdoor and indoor versions.

Rapa Nui (Christmas Island)

Participants are divided into groups. Their task is to build statues on Easter Island (the statues are scaled). The activity is mainly focused on the development of creativity and innovative solutions, but also on mutual internal communication and cooperation in the team.

Activity analysis is focused on:

  • Creativity and innovative process
  • Mutual cooperation and communication within cooperation
  • Implementation of innovative ideas
  • Resolving creative tensions in the team

Let's throw mud


An experiential activity in which participants propose further improvements to the work just performed. They throw mud at the target and write their suggestion for improvement on the board.

The technique is used for innovations and motivation of workers to further improve quality and performance, to balance the work year or project just ending and to strengthen the motivation of participants to improve performance in the next year or period.

Gap Analysis

The activity uses a visual and experiential form for Gap Analysis. Divided into groups, the participants define on a scale or target the current state, the future desired state and what activities and measures they will take to achieve the desired state.

Gap Analysis can be carried out at the level of:

  • The whole company
  • Department or other organizational unit of the company
  • An individual

An unbreakable egg


The goal of the “Unbreakable Egg” activity is to wrap and modify the egg using the available material so that it can withstand as many falls as possible and not break. The group whose egg breaks first loses points.


  • To strengthen mutual cooperation and the achievement of a common goal
  • Strengthening personal relationships in the team
  • Development of participants in a position where leadership and responsibility are required
  • The effort to achieve a common goal – to win


An activity derived from Geocaching combined with deciphering coded messages. The “treasure” found by the participants at the end is a symbol of appreciation for the work of the team for which the team building is being implemented.

Objectives of the activity

  • Appreciation of the work of the given team expressed in a non-standard form
  • Improving communication and teamwork
  • Motivation to achieve set goals

Content of the activity

  • The team receives the GPS coordinates of the first report or post
  • Tasks at individual positions are related to the topic of work-life balance and work appreciation
  • The task of the teams is to walk the entire route, solve all the puzzles and get part of the password, under which is encoded a motivational message for the participants


Objectives of the activity

  • Improving the cooperation of individuals and groups that have interdependent tasks
  • Awareness of the importance of setting up for cooperation and the risks of undue competition
  • Finding a balance of different levels of goals

Content of the activity

  • The participants are divided into two groups and each group has the task of taking a place on the opposite side of the playing field
  • The playing field has a bottleneck through which both groups try to reach the goal
  • The game creates space for a wide range of strategies, from cooperation to deliberate and purposeful blocking of the other group
  • The analysis of the game is focused on the connection between the form of cooperation and the result


An interactive game focused on coordination in communication, overcoming communication barriers and cooperation in a team.

Objectives of the activity

  • Improvement of management and coordination of activities
  • Increasing understanding of team members’ strengths and weaknesses and taking competencies into account when achieving a common goal
  • Improving work with priorities and cooperation in achieving goals

Content of the activity

  • The team is divided into three groups and placed on three islands
  • The team has to fulfill a common task
  • Individual goals and activities are given to individual groups
  • Activity analysis is focused on taking into account the competencies, strengths and weaknesses of team members in achieving goals, on the correct determination of priorities and the effectiveness of communication

Play off "Water Volleyball"

Objectives of the activity

  • Relaxation and competition

Content of the activity

  • Water volleyball is played with balloons filled with water
  • Four participants hold a tarpaulin by the corners and use the tarpaulin to toss balloons filled with water over a net. There are two foursomes in each team.

Collage - our team

Creative creation of an image of our team and our mission in the form of a collage with the help of the provided materials. The participants are divided into groups and each one creates a collage that is pasted on a pre-prepared flipchart. At the end, one presenter per group is chosen, who will briefly present the work to the others.

Objectives of the activity

  • Creative naming of the characteristics of our team or department and our joint task
  • The experience of appreciation that every employee is important for the company and has a role in the common goal

3D animal

An activity aimed at developing the ability of participants to communicate effectively with partners who have different communication styles and roles in the organization. The team has to successfully implement a common task under the conditions of well-defined and diverse expressions of individual participants.

Objectives of the activity

  • Based on experience, identify possible and appropriate forms of communication with different communication partners
  • To improve in an assertive way of communication, following the set goals and a favorable atmosphere in the workplace
  • Learn to clearly express information, instructions, requests, needs and feelings

Other team building activities

  • Chinese river
  • Different types of relays with the fulfillment of tasks at the positions
  • Communication games (Zin obelisk, Balloon, Detective, etc.)
  • Team Games (Airport, Islands, Zero Sum, Lightning Ball, etc.)
  • Creating a coat of arms
  • Aircraft construction, tower construction
  • Role playing
  • Thinking hats and many more

Companies for which we have implemented teambuilding and experiential activities

PosAm, Hella, Mondi SCP Ružomberok, Kellys Bike, Schaeffler Kysuce, HMH, AP Media, OBI, SOITRON, VÚB, Slovak Telekom, SPP, Knauf Insulation, Delloite Audit, Osram, SPS, MATADOR Group, Vacuumschmelze, Continental Matador Rubber, PSS, ČSOB a iné

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