Project management III – communication in project management

The  Project Management III course  is focused on practical experience with communication in project management.

  • Under the guidance of an experienced lecturer, participants apply the content mainly using  simulations and examples from practice .
  • Top lecturers  with experience and experts in their field.
  • High level of satisfaction  of course participants.

The form of course implementation is  face-to-face .
The working methods used in the training programs are chosen in such a way as to ensure interactivity, adapt the content to the needs of the participants and  prioritize the transfer of knowledge into practice .

  • Analyze critical situations in communication during project management and master appropriate tools of communication technology for their effective solution.
  • Learn to gain the consent of interested parties, to structure your argument convincingly and logically.
  • To develop the skills of workers to deal effectively with problematic conflict situations.
  • Master the provision of feedback on the performance of colleagues in the project team.

Workshop — critical situations in communication in project management

Gaining stakeholder buy-in and persuasion

  • Analysis of the target group, its expectations and needs.
  • Rhetorical procedures and the verbal side of persuasion, the formulation of contexts and the presentation of facts.
  • Argumentation techniques, argumentation from the point of view of the target group, argumentation Claim – Emotions – Logic, rational and emotional appeal.
  • The non-verbal side of persuasive communication — gestures, eye contact, body posture.

Conflict resolution in the project team

  • Types of conflicts, the substantive side — the object of the conflict, the vicious circle of the conflict.
  • Conflict resolution procedures.
  • Emotional elements in conflicts, attitudes of individual parties, anger and its suppression.

Communication plan

  • Project and change management.
  • Elements of the communication plan.
  • Message (goal, content, form, feedback).

Communication techniques of feedback to the performance of colleagues in the project team

  • Recognition and praise.
  • Positive guidance.
  • Notice of deficiencies.

For course participants, we offer the possibility of subsequent application support in the form of individual consultation with a lecturer or in the form of workshops directly at the client.

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