Presentation skills

The Presentation Skills I course  is designed for executives, as well as everyone who needs to present their intentions or results in front of a small group of listeners during their work .

  • Develop the ability to present effectively and efficiently
  • Practice preparing a presentation (simple, logical, convincing)
  • To teach participants to engage the listener and be persuasive
  • Improve the verbal and non-verbal aspects of presentation

Preparation of the presentation

  • Determination of the goal of the presentation, analysis of the audience, analysis of attitudes, content.
  • Creation of the structure of the presentation – introduction, middle and conclusion.

The non-verbal side of the presentation

  • Gestures, eye contact, posture.
  • Presentation of the intention of sitting, presentation of the intention of standing.

The verbal side of the presentation

  • Avoiding the word “I”, questions and discussion, active listening.
  • Working with the voice: intonation and dynamics.

Argumentation by utility

  • Arguing the benefits from the point of view of the target group.
  • WIIFM – “What’s in it for me?” – offering value to listeners.

Preparation and use of visual aids

  • Rules for the preparation of “slides”. Use of multimedia data projector, flip chart,
    wireless presenter, written materials and aids.

Presentation errors

  • I will say everything I know, filler words, involuntary movements, stiffness, lack of eye
    contact, etc.

Coping with stage fright

  • Exercises, breathing exercises and small tricks to overcome stage fright.

Presentation training — intensive video training

In the “Presentation Skills I” course, the emphasis is on intensive presentation video training.

The course has a limited number of participants (max. 8). Enrollment in the course is decided by the date of receipt of
the application and payment of the deposit.

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