Coping with changes when returning to work after the corona crisis

I’m back in the workflow. What did I get myself into and how do I navigate the new situation? How to accept the situation and changes? How to increase your engagement and performance? How can I co-create a safe work and relationship environment after the pandemic.



Online module led by a lecturer

Scope: 3 hours, Target group: Employees and team members


From what environments and settings do we return to work

  • After returning, we are frustrated, resentful, accepting or excited.
  • What causes us difficulties and what helps us manage them, my resources for managing change?

What we are returning to – systemically and interpersonally

  • Identification of changes in the company and in my working regime, the impact of the changes on me.
  • The curve of change, its dynamics, where I and our team are in it, how it affects us.

Reactions to a new situation, care for…

  • About myself – what are my resources, how to keep myself accepting of change, how to reduce frustration.
  • About relationships – when under pressure, let’s stay polite, turn complaints into requests.
  • For togetherness – let’s invest in relationships with colleagues, show respect for different experiences with the pandemic, create new functional rules, support each other.

The course is implemented via the Zoom online platform. Each participant will receive a login link and a short login guide before the course. To participate in the course, a stable Internet connection and a computer with a camera, microphone and speaker (e.g. laptop) are required.

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