How to communicate successfully – the goal is understanding

The course “How to communicate successfully” is intended for everyone who feels there is room for improvement in their communication, for everyone who realizes or does not realize that he also has his share of misunderstandings with his colleagues. The course is implemented in an experiential form. The participants will play several communication games that will help them realize what they need to improve their communication skills and in the following exercises they will have room to improve them.

  • Improve and develop the participants’ communication skills so that there are no unnecessary misunderstandings in contact with colleagues
  • Improve your persuasive communication skills
  • To develop the skills of workers to effectively handle practical communication situations

Communication game (introductory experiential exercise with detailed analysis) – based on the analysis, the topics below are systematically covered as needed, enriched with appropriate exercises and short exercises of the developed skill

Communication – the goal is understanding

  • Why don’t we understand how to avoid misunderstandings? – Feedback

Verbal communication

  • The meaning of words, the intention of verbal messages, positive expression

Non-verbal communication

  • The importance of non-verbal communication

Active listening

  • What do we lose if we don’t listen to our communication partners?
  • Active listening as conflict prevention

Vertical and horizontal communication

  • Solving selected communication situations ( how to talk to a colleague who does not provide me with documents for work on time or with a boss who does not specify  the priorities of tasks, so I often work on things that could wait and do not finish urgent things ; solutions that help eliminate stress and are the prevention of conflicts)

Communication game (experiential exercise with detailed analysis of working with facts and assumptions)

Facts and assumptions

  • How do I work with facts and assumptions in my communication?

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