Communication in an international team

The course Communication in an international team  is aimed at improving understanding and  cooperation with workers from another culture.

The growing number of foreign workers and the international environment in companies brings new, non-standard situations that arise when communicating and cooperating with another culture. The course is intended for all those who work in an international team and want to learn to cooperate more effectively with other cultures.

  • Improving understanding and cooperation with workers from another culture.
  • To prepare course participants for misunderstandings that arise when communicating in an international environment and how to prevent them.
  • To learn how to handle non-standard situations that occur during contact with another culture.
  • To show the participants the differences in cultures, to understand and accept their otherness.

What is culture

  • Why we are different – an experience game.

Who are we meeting with?

  • What cultures can we encounter in our work?

3 keys to understanding

  • Defining peculiarity. Cognitive support. Development of cooperation.


  • Identification of differences.
  • Recommendations for avoiding misunderstandings.

Culture shock

  • Naming the stages of culture shock and how to prevent it.
  • How to achieve faster adaptation.

How foreigners perceive us

  • A different view of our culture and what makes us special for foreigners.

Hofstede’s model

  • Understanding cultural differences through case studies.
  • How to avoid misunderstandings.


  • Practicing sensitivity to cultural differences.
  • Acceptance of otherness.

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