Prevention and resolution of conflicts when working from home

The course Prevention and resolution of conflicts when working from home  is aimed at better handling of the home office.

For us and our families, the space of the home has become, among other things, a workplace, a school, a call room, a playground, etc. We are all here and everyone has their needs, their agenda. This 3-hour online course is about how to manage difficult and conflicting situations in this situation and how we can prevent them.

  • What can we do to prevent the submarine effect?
  • How domestic conflict arises and what are the laws of its development.
  • How to stop the escalation of the situation in time.
  • How to argue about working conditions at home and create win-win solutions
  • The Four Horsemen of the “Apocalypse” – four types of behavior that escalate conflict and lead to destruction
  • Reacting on a factual and emotional level in a tense situation.
  • How to avoid risky behavior that increases emotional tension.
  • Reflection of participants’ experiences and recommendations of specific procedures for selected situations

Each participant will receive an electronic version of the presented materials.

We use an online platform to implement the course. An internet connection with a camera, microphone and speaker (e.g. laptop) is required to participate in the course.

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