Customer experience – how does the customer perceive us?

The workshop is intended for managers and employees from customer satisfaction departments who need to improve the quality of services provided and positively influence the satisfaction of their customers. Dissatisfied customers talk about their experience two to three times more than satisfied customers. What should we do in order not to overlook the critical moments when we lose the loyalty of our customers? How to analyze their satisfaction? The workshop is a preparation for subsequent strategic decisions, which area in contact with the customer needs to be given the most attention.

  • To help participants discover how the experience their customers take away is created and what influences it.
  • Map and analyze the customer journey – identify the critical moments that most affect the customer experience.
  • To propose solutions that are based on an understanding of the customer’s perception.
  • Familiarize yourself with the most common tools for measuring customer experience and learn to compile basic types of questionnaires to obtain relevant data.

Customer experience (CX)

  • What is the customer experience, how is it created and what affects it?
  • Customer service and customer experience – how does customer service fit into the broader picture? (people, products, processes).
  • What we need to know if we want to improve the customer experience – current trends.
  • The six most common causes of customer dissatisfaction. 

Customer experience and Customer Journey

  • How hard is it to be our customer?
  • What path does our customer take? (Customer Journey).
  • The customer’s touch with our organization (“Touchpoints”).
  • Which moment affects the customer experience the most? (“Truth’s Moment”).

Workshop – mapping our customer’s journey

  • What does the customer need? (Goal).
  • What does the customer do? (Doing).
  • What pleases him and what disgusts him? (Thinking and Feeling).
  • How to evaluate his satisfaction? (Metrics).
  • What can we improve? (Improvement opportunities).

How to measure customer customer experience

  • Pareto analysis of customer complaints.
  • Metrics for evaluating customer satisfaction – Customer Effort Score (CES), Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Time to resolution (TTR).
  • Best practices / wrong practices in compiling and evaluating questionnaires.
The participant takes away from the workshop a “map” with his customer’s journey, identifies moments of truth and learns how to evaluate and monitor the customer experience.

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