Conflict Prevention and Resolution

The Conflict Prevention and Resolution course  is intended for managers as well as everyone who comes into contact with co-workers in conflict situations or situations in which tension arises. If we manage tensions and different opinions on the same thing properly, they can be the source of good solutions, if we don’t manage them, they can be the source of destructive conflicts.

  • To develop the ability of workers to deal effectively with problematic and conflict situations
  • Master conflict resolution techniques
  • To realize what preferred solution style I have, what are its advantages and disadvantages
  • Get better at conflict prevention


  • Reason, origin, 5 steps of problem solving, problem solving in a group
  • How to develop your problem solving skills?

Conflict in the work team

  • Types of conflicts, sources of conflicts, characteristics and stages of conflict development
  • Consequences of unresolved conflicts

Conflict prevention

  • Tension as a creative part of teamwork
  • Identification of potential conflicts and possible preventive measures

Communication and its role in solving problems and conflicts

  • Goal and models of communication, elements of verbal communication, positive expression

Communication techniques

  • Scenario, use of assertiveness in solving problems and conflicts

Overcoming conflicts

  • Relationship position and appreciation, techniques for overcoming conflicts
  • Climbing the ladder, analyzing the force field, suppressing anger

Self and conflict

  • What is my preferred conflict resolution style?

Emotional elements in conflicts

  • Anger and its suppression

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