Communication with auditors

The course How to communicate with auditors is focused on professional handling of stressful situations in communication with an auditor.

The ability to effectively communicate the state of affairs and planned measures has a great impact on the outcome of both internal and external audits. This course is intended for workers who need to present information clearly during audits, to argue correctly and to master different communication styles in communication with the auditor.

  • Strengthen the participants’ communication skills for effective communication with the internal/external auditor.
  • To develop the ability of comprehensible presentation of information, argumentation and assertive communication.
  • To learn how to professionally handle stressful situations and emotions in communication with the auditor.

Situations from the participants’ practice – we draw on real experiences

Exercise enriched with analysis of methodical videos and real situations.

What all increases the risk in communication with the auditor?


Effective communication with the auditor

  • Reasons for misunderstandings in a conversation with an auditor and how to avoid them.
  • Behavioral styles of auditors in communication with the worker: how to identify them and choose the right communication style.
  • Practical verbal communication tools to help lead a conversation and reduce tension. Practical tools of non-verbal communication when communicating with an auditor.


Preparing and conducting an interview with the auditor

  • Preparing a strategy for an interview with an auditor: strategies for cooperation, reaction to an opposing opinion, avoidance, withdrawal, confrontation, compromise.
  • Effective communication of information and facts, argumentation. When is it safe to be active in a conversation, when to ask a question, how to lead the conversation to the goal.


Training of specific situations from the participants’ practice

  • The most frequent and selected situations of audit participants.
  • VIDEO training role play of model audit situations from the participants’ practice.


Coping with stress during a difficult interview with an auditor

  • Prevention – practical anti-stress procedures and exercises before a stress meeting.
  • Intervention – what can I do during a stress session.
  • Measures after the end of the stressful situation, relaxation and other support measures.

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