Training of trainers

The Training of Trainers course is aimed at developing the skills of the participants needed to effectively conduct internal trainings.

  • To develop the skills of the participants necessary to effectively conduct internal trainings.
  • To teach participants to explain professional issues in a comprehensible way.
  • Develop clarity and practical work, achieving understanding and verifying it.
  • Learn how to engage and activate training participants and effectively follow the training goal.
  • Learn to use interactive methods of working with a group, lead a discussion, give instructions, etc.
  • To strengthen the abilities of the participants in handling group dynamics and challenging situations at the training.

The role and task of the coach, basic competences and styles

  • The role and tasks of the lecturer
  • Specifics in adult education

How to prepare for conducting effective training

  • Setting (and ongoing monitoring) training goals
  • Analysis of listeners/audience
  • The structure of the training, the time schedule, maintaining the dynamics during the training
  • How to ensure the achievement of the set training goals

Methodological procedures

  • Visual aids
  • Work with a flipchart
  • Presentation and work with materials for participants

Training/training management

  • Training/training management techniques
  • Techniques of comprehensible explanation of professional content
  • Techniques for ongoing verification of understanding
  • Activation of participants and work with the group
  • Work with questions, comments and objections of participants
  • Rules for conducting effective training

Identification of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them

Coping with difficult situations

  • Working with the opposite opinion of the training participants
  • Non-standard behavior of participants (passivity, interference, negativism, aggressive participant, etc.)
  • Working with your own stage fright

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