How to improve customer experience in email communication

The course is intended for everyone who communicates with customers via email and who affects the overall impression of the organization – customer experience. It is also suitable for operators in call centers and service centers who use email as an additional method of communication to telephone calls. Another target group is those employees who come into sporadic email contact with customers – while such communication also affects the customer experience. The course helps improve company-wide pro-customer orientation.

  • To develop the ability of participants to write answers in a modern way and with a focus on customer experience.
  • To learn selected techniques for effectively solving the most common situations in contact with customers.
  • Learn the principles of respecting boundaries in communication and apply them in such a way that participants can neutralize even difficult situations with customers.
  • To practice the principles within the training of writing or reformulating emails from the practice of the participants.

Customer orientation today

  • We live in an age of maximum customer service and minimum customer loyalty. What about that?

Modern communication with the customer

  • Appropriate and inappropriate phrases – what was used in emails in the past and what is appropriate now.
  • Dynamic communication – how to achieve a modern and positive impression from an email (subject of the message, addressing the client, appropriate use of verbs, final wording).
  • The most common mistakes in email communication (passive gender, formalisms, administrative slang, redundant clauses).

Techniques in customer communication

  • Inverted pyramid.
  • Understanding vs. an apology.
  • Legitimate and unauthorized complaints.

Maintaining safe boundaries in communication

  • Which of our formulations trigger negative reactions in the customer?
  • How to express empathy so that the customer believes it.
  • Difficult situations with our customers.

Analysis of emails from the practice of participants

  • Analysis of email communication samples from the point of view of modern trends, stylistics and customer experience (CX).

Practical training in writing emails from the practice of the participants

  • Individual and group writing of emails, feedback on the results of written exercises.


Prework: Please bring 2-3 e-mails or communication situations from your work experience to the course.

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