The “Assertiveness” course is intended for all those who, in contact with colleagues, find themselves in situations where it is necessary to maintain a balance between relationships and goal orientation, and where any attempts at manipulation have a negative impact on the work team.

  • Master an assertive way of communication that helps to effectively promote the goals of the organization and supports the building of a direct and favorable atmosphere in the workplace
  • Learn to clearly express your needs and feelings
  • Identify manipulative behaviors of colleagues and deal with them appropriately
  • To learn to accept criticism and rejection without feeling insulted and to master the art of constructive criticism

Definition and essence of assertiveness

  • Assertive way of communication and behavior
  • Assertiveness not aggressiveness, avoiding manipulation in working relationships

Assertive human rights

  • Assertiveness in horizontal relationships and in superior-subordinate relationships

Assertive forms of behavior

Assertive communication techniques for executives (and not only for them)

  • Open door technique, selective ignoring technique
  • Acceptable Compromise, Technique How to Say “No”
  • Scenario on how to deal with undesirable behavior of co-workers

Work assertiveness

  • Realizing your strengths
  • How to be concise, precise, how to avoid “cotton” when communicating with colleagues?

Criticism. How to respond to criticism?

  • Five steps to better deal with criticism
  • Criticism in assertiveness, self-criticism, criticism of others, acceptance of criticism

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