The art of asserting yourself

The Art of Assertiveness  course is focused on how to better recognize your strengths and room for improvement.

The course “The art of asserting yourself” is intended for all those who are willing to learn more about themselves and want to clarify their ideas about their professional career. Why should I, as a senior employee, send my colleague to this course? A worker who has a realistic idea of ​​himself, does not underestimate himself, does not overestimate himself and knows what he wants to achieve, is open to changes, is willing to take the initiative and realizes that whoever wants to get something must also give something, he has a great value in the team. This course will move him in just that direction.

  • Get to know your strengths and room for improvement better.
  • Clarify what I want to achieve and what needs to be done for it.
  • To learn to align my goals with the goals of the organization in which I work.
  • Master the practical application of the win-win approach in your work and personal relationships.

My strengths and weaknesses

  • self-confidence test, self-knowledge
  • Johari’s window, know yourself through feedback from others

Visions and goals for my professional career

  • the importance of vision and goals, what I want to achieve in the professional field
  • SMART goals

Obstacles to personal advancement

Openness to changes and proactivity

  • understanding one’s feelings and reactions to changes, perceiving change as an opportunity
  • a test of how you react to changes
  • ingenuity, initiative, proactivity

Analysis of the environment – goals and requirements of the employer

  • what my employer expects from me, what are the requirements for me in the work I do and what I would like to do
  • critical success factors

The win-win principle

  • if I want to gain, it is good that the other side also gains
  • win-win principle in my practice

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