Pro-customer and business communication at the store

The course Pro-customer and business communication at the store is aimed at developing the business skills of salespeople at the stores .

  • Develop the sales skills of salespeople in stores.
  • To improve in persuasive and customer-oriented business communication with the customer.
  • To learn how to understand the customer’s needs and optimally respond to them (sell the benefit, sense the opportunity to offer other products, etc.).
  • Teach salespeople selected practical negotiation and objection handling tactics.
  • Realize that they represent the company with their behavior and communication and that with a suitable pro-customer approach and communication they can increase the success of sales as well as gain long-term customers.
  • Practice the learned principles and techniques in the training of role play situations from the participants’ practice.

Professional business and pro-customer communication of the seller

  • Pro-customer communication, creating a professional impression
  • Verbal communication and active listening
  • Positive formulations, customer-oriented formulations
  • Risky words to avoid
  • Non-verbal communication and its meaning in personal contact with the customer
  • Creating a positive atmosphere towards the customer


Selling the benefit to the customer

  • “Technical” product parameters, product benefits
  • Selling utility as a basic business philosophy, the psychological “value” of a product


Finding needs and persuasive presentation of the product

  • Questioning techniques, proper sales dialogue
  • Understanding the customer’s needs, tuning in to the customer
  • How to specify and evoke a need, help the customer to choose
  • Presenting through customer benefit, persuasiveness


Taking advantage of the opportunity to resell

  • Offer of other goods and products
  • How to create another need in the customer


Negotiation and overcoming objections

  • Practical recommendations and selected negotiation techniques/principles for salespeople at the store
  • Handling customer objections, overcoming price objections

Closing the deal

  • Buy signals, trade closing techniques

Training of model situations from practice

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