Mind maps like you don’t know them

Do you need to sort and visualize information logically and efficiently? Do you find yourself in situations where you need to “map” and solve a problem in detail? Do you want to make a simple and understandable record of the meeting? Do you need to prepare a presentation? Can’t get your creativity started? You can use mind maps in all these situations. You will learn how to create them correctly on this course, from which you will also take away your own mind map. The areas and situations on which the simulation of the creation of mind maps will take place will be selected from your practice.

  • Learn or improve your mind mapping skills.
  • To show other possibilities of using mind maps as an effective tool in everyday work.
  • Practice and practice the creation of mind maps on specific examples from work practice.

Mind Maps

  • What are mind maps – clarification of concepts.
  • Mind maps as an effective tool for organizing and visualizing ideas.
  • Advantages of using mind maps, mind maps vs. linear display.

Procedure for creating mind maps

  • Steps of creating mind maps.
  • Possible errors in the creation of MM.
  • Tools for creating mind maps (paper and pencil vs PC programs).

The use of mind maps in work practice (and not only in it)

  • Areas of use of mind maps (planning and analysis, creativity and innovation, communication/presentation/writing/learning, project management…)
  • Mind maps as a tool for

– easier classification and understanding of information or a problem,
– planning time,
– preparing projects, defining priorities or goals,
– better memorization,
– preparing a presentation and a clearer and more engaging presentation of ideas,
– starting creativity, etc.


Participants will create their own mind maps at the training.

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