How to evaluate and improve corporate training

The course How to evaluate and improve company education  is aimed at reflecting the current way of evaluating education in a given company

The course is intended for specialists and managers of education. The usefulness of the course will also be appreciated by executives who want to improve the effectiveness of the performance of their colleagues and teams through targeted development.

  • View education as a value-added activity whose effect can be evaluated.
  • To reflect on the current way of evaluating education in our society and to be inspired by a systematic model for evaluating the effectiveness of education.
  • Identify specific opportunities for improving our education evaluation system.
  • Make a benchmark (comparison) with colleagues and education experts from other companies.

Why is it important to evaluate the added value of employee development?

  • Education is not an improvisation, but a system that has a head and a heel.
  • Discussion pot – can versus can’t evaluate the effect of education according to the needs of management.

Education through the eyes of the employee, through the eyes of the leader and through the eyes of the management

  • The motivation field of individual stakeholders in the education process.
  • The role of HR and manager in the evaluation of education.

 Evaluation of the effectiveness of educational activities

  • A practical model of educational evaluation.
  • Connection with the company’s HR strategy, budgeting and evaluation system.
  • How to put it into practice.

Opportunities and practical steps in improving the evaluation system in our company

  • Benchmark (comparison) of our system with other education evaluation systems.
  • Creating an action plan for improvement to take back to my company.

Bring the education evaluation tools you currently use to the course.

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