Leadership I: Leader‘s Personal Development – I Can Always Be Better

The Leadership I course  is aimed at strengthening leadership attitudes and skillsand inspires leaders to constantly work on self-development.

The myth that leadership is the prerogative of a small group of charismatic personalities was challenged, leadership is a set of skills and abilities accessible to all of us.

JM Kouzes, BZ Posner – “The Leadership Challenge”

  • To strengthen the leadership attitudes and skills of the participants.
  • Learn to receive and analyze feedback from those around you.
  • Develop the ability of self-reflection.
  • Understand your personal motivation.
  • Give the participants an impulse to systematically work on their personal development.

Leadership – starting points (in each module from a different point of view)

  • Orientation to people, positive attitude and strategic thinking
  • Inspiration from the stories of real leaders

The personality of the leader

  • Manager or Leader, Organizing or Visionary, Goal Oriented or People Oriented, Attention to Detail and System or New Ideas and Creativity
  • Characteristics of a leader
  • Leader – sources of influence and authority

Personal motivation

  • Why do I want to develop my leadership skills and attitudes?
  • What are my sources of motivation, energy and strength to be willing to do things outside my comfort zone?
  • What is my learning style, when do I enjoy learning, how can I use it in my development?

The ability to accept criticism – looking in the mirror

  • Openness and ability to perceive feedback
  • How to get unbiased feedback?
  • What do I know about myself?

I-SPEAK Your Language® test – I speak your language

  • Even though we speak the same language, we don’t have to speak the same language A leader speaks the language of those who listen to him, the language of those he leads

Inspirational communication – communication that influences

  • A leader communicates authentically and uses his strengths. We will set up a mirror and colleagues (course participants) will give you feedback. You will learn what the strengths of your communication are, on which you can continue to build while remaining yourself.

How to work on your development?

  • Systematic feedback
  • Self-reflection and self-coaching
  • Use of a coach, mentor, guidance and shadowing, etc.

Research of a selected book on leadership

Possible assignments

  • Leadership skills development plan
  • Create a “mirror” – a participant-defined range of feedback from the environment
  • Red Bull – a plan to motivate yourself

Being a leader means being ahead. Being ahead means being better. Being better today does not mean being better tomorrow.

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