Evaluation interview

The evaluation interview  course  is focused on how to improve in  conducting evaluation interviews. 

A properly conducted evaluation interview motivates and develops co-workers and brings incentives to improve processes. The “Evaluative Interview” course is about how to achieve this.

  • Realize the importance of the evaluation interview as an effective tool for managing and motivating colleagues
  • Improve your ability to conduct an evaluation interview, actively listen and respond appropriately to colleagues’ objections
  • Lead managers to systematic personnel work

The importance of the evaluation interview

  • A motivational tool
  • A tool for planning the personal development of colleagues
  • Overall assessment of the co-worker’s performance
  • A tool for improving organizational processes

Evaluation procedure

  • Inviting the assessed, giving an opportunity to prepare
  • Preparation and own evaluation interview

The structure of the evaluation interview

  • Relaxation of the atmosphere, questions to meet the goals
  • Development of the evaluated, strengths and weaknesses of the evaluated
  • The appraisee’s suggestions for improving processes and conditions in the organization
  • Setting new goals and concluding the evaluation interview

Principles and supporting techniques in the evaluation interview

  • Get people talking
  • Praise and encourage, asking questions and listening
  • Solving problems, agreeing on an action plan
  • The motivational nature of the evaluation interview

Action plan and goal orientation

  • Achievability and performance, goal setting rules for associates

Video training of evaluation interviews

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