Coaching Approach of Leaderʼs Practices

The course Coaching approach in the practice of a leader is aimed at helping participants learn what real coaching is, why it is so effective if it is done correctly.

What I come up with myself and what I identify with will work in practice. This also applies to co-workers. The only chance to take responsibility and be proactive is given by free choice.

  • Learn what real coaching is, why it’s so effective when done right
  • Understand the differences in directive and non-directive forms of working with people
  • Get to know the basic methodology of coaching and the structure of a coaching interview
  • Practice asking constructive questions and using reflection instead of assessment
  • Practice conducting the first coaching interviews

Introduction to coaching

  • What is coaching and how does it differ from other forms of working with people?
  • Why is coaching so effective when done right?
  • Where can coaching be used and what are its limits?
  • Management as an optimal combination of management, leadership and coaching

What is the coaching approach?

  • Sale and assumption of responsibilities
  • Directive and non-directive forms of working with people
  • Leadership and support when working with people
  • Using constructive questions
  • Principles of reflection and difference from assessment
  • Working with an inspirational assignment and the differences from assigning tasks

The structure of the coaching conversation

  • Contact and Contract
  • Four planning questions and the Goal
  • Experience, Action steps and perception of Value/Benefit
  • Closing the conversation – recognition, appreciation and motivation

Video samples of coaching interviews

  • A few examples of exemplary and faulty approaches

Practical training of coaching interviews

  • Practice of individual phases of coaching interviews in smaller groups under the supervision of a lecturer

Possible assignments

  • Reflection of the coaching interview
  • Custom assignment related to the topic

A few thoughts on coaching and leadership

  • All people have the potential for development and growth.
  • Each person has their own internal resources to handle change.
  • Change is possible and there are a number of options for how to make it.
  • A leader helps people find their potential for their development, find their inner resources, find their own path and guides them to really make the change happen.

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