Leadership V: Strategic Thinking – Seeing the Context Others Don‘t

The Leadership V course is aimed at improving strategic thinking , finding connections in the organizational system and the ability to create alternative scenarios.

  • To improve in finding connections in the organization system.
  • To learn to understand the connections in the organization’s system, with the aim of improving it.
  • Develop strategic thinking skills and become familiar with strategic planning techniques.
  • Learn to create alternative scenarios and work with them to achieve set goals

Leadership – starting points (in each module from a different point of view)

  • Orientation to people, positive attitude and strategic thinking
  • Inspiration from the stories of real leaders

Understanding the organization

If the behavior of a worker in the organization’s system is against its goals and interests, nothing will save you from such behavior, except changing the system itself. The system must be built in such a way as to motivate workers to the desired behavior and performance.

  • Organization models – visualization of relationships in the organization system
  • The use of organization models in the search for measures to eliminate undesirable manifestations in the organization and in achieving system efficiency

Leadership and strategic thinking

  • Overview of strategic planning tools, Porter’s competitive landscape model, Balanced Scorecard, critical success factors, etc.
  • Application of strategic thinking and planning to the corresponding level of management
  • Development and performance goals

Vision and its formulation

  • Vision and inspiration through a shared vision
  • Why vision, its meaning and characteristics
  • How do we formulate it (team or individual approach) and how do we communicate it to colleagues?

Thinking in alternatives – scenarios

  • Does planning matter in rapidly changing conditions?
  • Creation of scenarios, strategic thinking in alternatives, help in achieving goals when we need to react extremely flexibly to changes, in inputs and external conditions
  • What do I do when…?

Search for a selected book on leadership or strategic thinking

Possible assignments

  • A short analysis of a selected element from the organization’s system
  • Identification of the systemic cause of undesirable behavior of co-workers
  • Formulation of the vision proposal
  • Development of alternative scenarios for the selected situation

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