Management skills I: Successful performance management

The Managerial Skills I course  is aimed at building the feeling and skills for the consistent management of co-workers.

  • To build in leaders a feeling and skills for consistent management of colleagues
  • To teach the participants how to maintain system and discipline on the one hand and at the same time not to lose the motivation of colleagues through excessive directiveness
  • To teach participants to use control as a tool for system improvement and co-worker development
  • Master the effective provision of feedback

Consequences of inconsistency in managing and leading co-workers

Management cycle

  • Submit a task, review and provide feedback.
  • Support activities for consistent management.

Entering tasks

  • Comprehensible assignment – enter in such a way that the co-worker knows what to do.
  • Task assignment types.
  • Order, sell, consult, cooperate, delegate.

Target orientation

  • The importance of setting goals for consistent management.
  • SMART goals.


  • Principles of effective control.
  • Control objectives – system improvement, employee development, maintenance of performance standards, maintenance of discipline.

Providing feedback

  • Principles of providing feedback on co-worker performance.
  • Praise, positive guidance and reprimand.

There is a price for inconsistency, but I want a clean slate.

In the course, you will watch clips in which you will see how the correct or incorrect way of giving feedback has a different impact on motivation and the desire to improve your performance.

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