Management skills II: Building an effective and performing team

The Managerial Skills II  course is focused on how to increase the efficiency and performance of the team.

  • Learn how to increase the efficiency and performance of your team
  • Effectively manage the alignment of organizational goals and team interests
  • Improve in maintaining discipline and clear communication about unacceptable behavior of co-workers
  • Learn to communicate convincingly even unpopular but necessary measures

High performance work team

  • Characteristics of effective and efficient teams

Working with a team

  • What tasks does your team perform? How to effectively manage their fulfillment?
  • Types of teams and characteristics of their management

Team development and performance

  • Performance goals – meeting them today does not mean that we will also meet them tomorrow
  • Development goals – How to ensure that we keep getting better and better?
  • Alignment of the employee’s goals with the goals of the team and the organization
  • A conversation about goals with a colleague

Building a good atmosphere in the work team

  • Building a healthy atmosphere in the team
  • Infernal Rules for Guaranteed Destroying Your Team (Learn What to Avoid)

What will meet us in the life of the team – the development of the team

  • Finding and asserting yourself
  • Learning how to collaborate and efficiency in the productive phase
  • How to adapt your management style to the current situation in the team?

Dealing with unwanted co-worker behavior

Communication of an unpopular measure

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