Effective management of work meetings

The course  Effective management of work meetings  is focused on how to properly  prepare  and  conduct  meetings.

  • To improve in the preparation of meetings
  • Be able to effectively conduct work meetings
  • To learn how to ensure the processing of good minutes of the meeting during the meeting

Effective advice

  • Destructive and constructive elements of the meeting

Preparation of the meeting

  • Objective of the meeting, program, selection of participants, technical support

Different types of meetings

  • Operational meetings
  • Advice on solving problems and tasks

Leading the meeting

  • Adherence to the time schedule, agree on the rules of cooperation
  • Discussion management, different types of discussion participants
  • Handling problem meeting participants
  • Working with questions and dealing with a different opinion

Minutes from the meeting

  • Tasks, what, who, deadline, attachments
  • Decisions and proposals

Model consultation

  • Video recording of the meeting and its analysis

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