Working with dual academy students – we want to be successful in dual education

The course is intended for managers, masters, trainers of professional dual education.

  • To teach participants how to prepare and educate talented workers for modern industry and services with the help of dual education.
  • Improve communication with students and learn how to encourage and motivate them in the learning process.
  • Improve the ability to adequately and appropriately deal with disciplinary offenses of pupils.
  • Prepare to communicate with parents of pupils regarding the process, results achieved and discipline.
  • To better understand the world of the current generation for whom dual education is intended.

Effective communication and solving (even difficult) situations with young students

  • We communicate to understand each other
  • Respectful approach in communication
  • Authority and how to maintain it appropriately
  • Differences and similarities of generations
  • Role-playing, examples and practice of solving situations from the participants’ practice


Correct feedback on student performance and behavior

  • Developmental feedback – response to repeated mistakes, praise and appropriate criticism
  • An appropriate conversation with the student about disciplinary offenses and proper behavior in the workplace
  • Praise as a motivation tool
  • Appropriate forms of work with pupils with specific needs


Preparation for communication with parents

  • Parents are part of the education of students and cooperation with them pays off
  • Interview about the student’s results, his discipline, commitment and motivation to gain practical experience


During the course, as in dual education, we will connect theory with practical experience and try them out in practice.

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