Visual communication training – DOODLING

The Doodling course is aimed at strengthening participants’ self-confidence in their own creative expression.

The “Doodling” course is intended for anyone who wants to learn how to draw visual notes, who needs to enrich their presentations with attention-grabbing elements, or is looking for a suitable tool for creative problem solving. Drawing increases concentration and memorability of information. It is an effective way of recording complex ideas, applicable both individually and in teamwork. Simple drawings are more effective than detailed verbal descriptions. The course is structured in such a way that it guides the participant from drawing basic shapes to storytelling – creating a story from a sequence of images. Anyone can participate in the course, no previous drawing experience is necessary.

  • To strengthen participants’ self-confidence in their own creative expression.
  • Learn the basics of doodling, create visual notes, stories and maps.
  • Improve linking of verbal and visual information.
  • To support and develop the skill of visual thinking.

Doodling – the basics of drawing for everyone

  • 5 basic elements of drawing
  • Visual alphabet, visual grammar, visual dictionaries
  • We start drawing – simple objects, self-portrait
  • Low tech social network – visualization of social relationships

Building elements of the visual alphabet

  • Basic emotions and facial features
  • From basic shapes to drawings
  • Letters, inscriptions, dividers, icons, arrows, bullet points

Visual dictionaries

  • We draw people, buildings, objects, activities
  • Pictograms, ideograms
  • Visual metaphors

Possibilities of doodling in practice

  • Doodling while presenting (I look, I see, I imagine, I show)
  • Life sketching – recording of presentations, meetings
  • Business origami – let’s create an ideal workplace


  • Story elements
  • Problem description using a sequence of images

Visual maps

  • Visualization of the solution to the problem
  • Planning a solution as a sequence of steps
  • Drawing of individual stages
  • Presentation

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