The way to a functional management team

The course Path to a functional management team is aimed at improving cooperation and strengthening trust in the team.

 How to get the management team to pull together? So that TOP managers leave the chimney thinking according to departments and focus on common company goals. How to look for the best solution if we are afraid of confrontation? How to achieve a good corporate culture if managers distance themselves from joint decisions? If you have the courage to embark with your management team on the path to a functional and effective management team, then you can start here.

  • Improve cooperation in the management team.
  • Strengthen trust and open communication in the team.
  • Increase personal and mutual responsibility.
  • Increase traction on common goals.

On the way to a functional team.

Characteristics of a cohesive and efficient management team:


  • How to build and develop it. Getting to know each other better will also help

Free confrontation of ideas

  • I freely say how I see things, I let others freely say how they see things, and together we look for the best solution

Commitment and engagement

  • If we agreed on something, I stick to the agreement and I am willing to contribute even if it was not my idea

Mutual responsibility

  • We want to do things the best we can, so let’s give each other feedback on how we see each other’s work

Focus on results


Zero sum game

  • an experiential exercise that will show what it looks like when managers only look at the KPIs of their departments and are able to sink joint results.

Building a functional team
Connection with company culture

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