Professional e-mail communication

The course Professional e-mail communication  is aimed at teaching participants to communicate professionally with customers and colleagues via e-mail.

The course is intended for anyone who communicates via e-mail with customers (both internal and external) and who represents the organization through e-mail communication. The course is also suitable for operators in call centers, service centers who use e-mail as an additional method of communication to telephone.

  • To teach participants to communicate professionally with customers and colleagues via e-mail.
  • To develop the participants’ ability to use a friendly way of communication in e-mails.
  • Increase the accuracy and comprehensibility of answers for the communicating partner.
  • Improve participants’ skills in writing e-mails and eliminate the most common mistakes.
  • To practice the basic types of e-mail communication within the training of model situations.

Basic principles of professional e-mail communication

  • Comprehensibility, clarity, accuracy, correctness, friendliness.
  • Email structure, standards, rules of professional email writing. Netiquette.
  • Risks of e-mail communication and their elimination (elimination of emotional shift, etc.).
  • Conducting an email conversation.

Difficult situations in e-mail contact

  • Friendly, sensitive formulations. Using the ability of empathy in critical situations.
  • Writing about negative facts in such a way that the partner can accept them as easily as possible.

Practical training in writing e-mails from the practice of the participants

  • Answer outline and standard answers.
  • Individual and group writing of e-mails, feedback on the results of written exercises.

Analysis of e-mail communication from the practice of participants

  • Participants will bring 2-3 e-mails or communication situations from their practice.
  • Analysis of the samples of e-mail communication from the point of view of form, style, comprehensibility, the emergence of misunderstandings and the possibility of different interpretations of the written text.

Coaching feedback from the lecturer

How to make email writing more efficient

A workshop focused on increasing the efficiency of writing e-mails and handling client requests

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