Businessman in front of a webcam

The course Salesperson in front of a webcam  is focused on how to teach salespeople to effectively and successfully communicate with a client via a webcam.

The period of the corona crisis inspired a large number of clients to use the webcam as a normal part of communication with the environment. Some of them have even started automatically demanding the use of video conferencing facilities from service providers. Traders who know how to adapt to the new requirement gain extra points from these clients. Do you want to belong to them?

  • To teach salespeople how to effectively and successfully communicate with the client via webcam.
  • Teach them to recognize which negotiations require a face-to-face form and which can take place online.
  • Equip traders with the necessary skills to confidently operate online transmission software.
  • Professionally handle the most difficult situations that arise during online negotiations.
  • To improve the visual side of the presentation of the merchant, company, service or product at a distance.

Advantages of communicating and negotiating with the client via webcam

Businessman in front of a webcam

  • Correct lighting, what part of the body the camera should cover, training to look into the camera, etc.

Mastering the technical side

  • Overview of software for online negotiations, 8 features of the programs that a salesperson must know intimately (screen sharing, how to send an invitation to a client, microphone and camera settings, etc.).
  • 3-2-1 visualization for the online environment (PowerPoint – three key features, graphic editing in two clicks, attractive animations with one wave).

Preparation for online negotiation/negotiation

Structure of online negotiations with the client

  • Introduction – the first sentences during an online meeting, setting the rules; main part – three-step structure; conclusion – “hit” at the end; what to pay attention to after the end of the online negotiation?

Online negotiation communication page

  • Specifics of non-verbal communication in front of the camera (non-verbal grinder, near or far?)
  • Verbal communication in the online environment – so that the client not only hears, but also understands.

Coping with unpleasant situations in the online environment

  • The client loses attention, his cell phone rings, handling technical problems (camera, sound, online connection failure, etc.)

Practical tips

  • How to present a prospectus, price list, subject; links in the chat, “Small contracts” technique to maintain attention. How to find out how much the client liked the online negotiation with me?

The online course is tutored in real time and is highly interactive. Contains practical training.

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