Persuasive Sales I

The course is designed for sellers, sales representatives, heads of sales departments and all employees of companies who are expected to have an active approach to customers. Persuasiveness and mastery of sales techniques is the key to your success.

  • To improve in accurate, factual and convincing communication with the customer
  • Develop the ability to actively listen and understand the needs and expectations of the customer
  • Increase the effectiveness of sales representatives by improving sales techniques: finding customers, first contact with the customer, presenting products, overcoming objections, closing the deal


Professional business communication

  • Certainty, accuracy, objectivity and persuasiveness.

There is an order to persuasive selling

  • View sales as a sequence of steps.

Knowledge of the product or service

  • Product and service technical parameters, product and service benefits.
  • Selling benefit as a basic business philosophy.
  • Benefit as an argument for the customer to buy.

Finding needs

  • Techniques for asking questions, understanding customer needs.

Product or service presentation

  • How will our customer service benefit?
  • Persuasive presentation.

Overcoming objections

  • Preparation for objections and techniques for overcoming them.

Closing the deal

  • Progress of interest in the product over time, confirmation technique.
  • Buy signals, trade closing techniques.

Customer care

  • Importance of customer care, methods of customer care.

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