Key account management

The Key account management course will strengthen your skills in building relationships with key customers and taking care of them.

  • Realize the value of key customers.
  • To improve substantive and personality analysis of key customers and in establishing an effective strategy for developing business with key customers.
  • Develop the ability to actively listen and understand the customer’s needs, expectations and purchase motivations.
  • To improve in building relations with the customer using accurate, objective and convincing communication.

Key account management

  • Key account management concept.

Key customer characteristics

  • Existing orders and their characteristics.
  • Key customer potential.

Key customer analysis

  • Needs, decisive people.
  • Method of decision-making and analysis of purchase motivations.

Analysis of the company’s position with a key customer

  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, how to use our strengths.
  • Opportunities to minimize the risk of vulnerabilities and threats.

Care of key customers

  • Methods of care.

Creative workshop of new ideas for customer care.

Building relationships with key customers

  • The role of a decision maker and me as a human being.
  • Building a relationship with a decision maker, building a relationship with a person.
  • Personality types and strategies of action according to personality types of decision makers.
  • Influence.

Setting goals and business development plans with key customers

  • Setting goals and creating a plan.

Professional business communication

  • Certainty, accuracy, objectivity and persuasiveness.
  • Selected communication techniques.

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