Negotiating in Business

The course is intended for sellers, sales representatives, heads of sales departments who have the opportunity to provide customers with certain benefits or discounts and at the same time they are expected to handle these opportunities efficiently, so that they achieve maximum profit from individual business cases.

  • Get better at negotiating with the customer about delivery conditions and price so that the result creates prerequisites for long-term cooperation
  • Realize the importance of preparation for negotiations and prepare for the negotiations that await the participants in the near future
  • Improve your communication and tactical skills, which are necessary in the individual stages of negotiation and increase the persuasiveness of your argumentation
  • Learn how to use negotiation assessment to continuously improve your negotiation skills


  • The context of negotiation and the position of the negotiator, errors in negotiation.
  • Test of negotiation skills, approaches to negotiation.

Preparation for negotiation

  • Get facts, view from two sides, set goals.
  • Partner analysis and determination of strategy and tactics.

The course of the negotiation

  • Stages of negotiation, discussion, proposals, agreement.
  • Persuasion and argumentation.
  • Objections during negotiation.

The art of reflection

  • Learning from successful and unsuccessful negotiations.

Evaluation of negotiation

  • Evaluate whether we have achieved our goals.
  • Evaluate the fulfillment of the agreement with a distance.

Part of the training is a game in which we find ourselves in the role of a negotiator. The following is an analysis of knowledge and experience from this game and finally their application to our practice of negotiation with customers.

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