Persuasive Sales II

The course is intended for sellers, sales representatives, heads of sales departments and employees of companies who are expected to have an active approach to customers. The course follows on from the “Persuasive Selling I” course.

  • To improve in structured questioning with the aim of more accurate identification of needs.
  • Move from selling products to selling solutions.
  • Improve persuasive argumentation.
  • Learn to read the customer’s non-verbal expressions and get feedback from them for the next step in the business negotiation.
  • To learn to identify different types of customer behavior and adapt the method and content of business negotiations to them.


Sales cycle

  • View sales as a sequence of steps.
  • A short summary and review of the knowledge and experience from the “Persuasive Selling” training.

Structured questioning

  • Different focus of questions, suitable combination of open and closed questions.
  • Talkative and silent customers. How to effectively learn what I need?

Selling solutions

  • The difference between selling a product and selling a solution.
  • What customer needs and problems is our product related to?
  • How do we create a solution using several products and related services?

Persuasive argumentation

  • TEL technique (assertion, emotions, logic), structure of argumentation.

Verbal and non-verbal communication for advanced students

  • Reading non-verbal communication.

Identification of customer types

  • Basic typology of customer behavior.
  • How to identify the type of customer behavior and what approach to choose?

Reflections on the trader’s work system

  • How often to contact the client?
  • Forms of communication: e-mail, telephone, landline, mobile, personal meeting.
  • With whom do I communicate, who is the “decision maker” and who makes decisions?

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