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The Negotiation for Buyers course is aimed at strengthening negotiation skills with suppliers in order to achieve the best possible terms and at the same time maintain good and long-term relationships with suppliers.

The course will be conducted online. The working methods used in distance training programs are chosen in such a way as to ensure interactivity, adaptation of the content to the needs of the participants and practical transfer into practice.

    • To improve in negotiations with suppliers on terms of delivery and price so that the result meets the needs of the organization and creates prerequisites for long-term cooperation.
    • Develop skills and acquire procedures for negotiating with suppliers.
    • Learn to effectively use preparation for negotiations.
    • Learn to identify supplier sales tactics and how to respond to them properly.
    • Increase the persuasiveness of your argumentation during negotiations.
    • Learn to use negotiation evaluation for continuous improvement of negotiation skills.


  • The context of negotiation and the position of the negotiator, errors in negotiation
  • Specifics of buyer negotiation

Preparation for negotiation

  • Get facts, view from two sides, set goals
  • Analysis of the partner, sources of information about the partner and determination of strategy and tactics
  • Price analysis – research, price level on the market, quality/price ratio
  • What, apart from the price, has an impact on our costs and it is important to have it under control

The course of the negotiation and how to conduct the interview

  • Phases of negotiation, discussion, proposals, agreement, persuasion and argumentation
  • Objections during negotiations, price negotiation and working with objections why it can’t be cheaper
  • How to conduct a conversation and direction of negotiation


  • Argumentative situations, formulating arguments
  • Argumentation technique

Negotiation tactics and their management

  • Salami tactics, fait accompli, good man and bad man
  • Standard practice, a game with time
  • Handling manipulation

Evaluation of negotiation

  • Evaluate whether we have achieved our goals, evaluate the fulfillment of the agreement with a distance

Situations from the practice of buyers

Mapping and analysis of key situations, processing optimal procedures and negotiation strategies for given situations, role play – training of selected situations

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