Online meetings

The course belongs to a series of courses on the topic of hybrid work environment, which consists of 4 half-day courses:  “Self-management in a hybrid work environment”, “Management in a hybrid environment I” ,  “Management in a Hybrid Environment II” and Online Meetings” .

  • Improve participants’ ability to conduct online meetings effectively.
  • To teach participants to maintain the attention of colleagues during an online meeting.
  • Realize what to look out for when a meeting is conducted online and how to ensure that it is effective and meets the objective.

Specifics of the online program

  • How is the online form different from the personal form, advantages, limits, rules of the online form.

Preparation for conducting an online meeting

  • Meeting goals, participants, technical preparation – practical advice, what to watch out for.
  • Preparation of tools (documents, presentation, video, voting, decision-making tools…).
  • Other practical online tools that will engage participants, improve visualization, increase attention.

Management of the course of the virtual meeting

  • Opening, putting into context, familiarizing the participants with the objectives of the meeting.
  • The course of the meeting (registering for the floor, monitoring the flow, topics, working with questions, visualization…).
  • Summary and conclusion of the online meeting.
  • Minutes from a virtual meeting – how to make it to be effective.
  • The most common mistakes when conducting online meetings and how to avoid them.

Challenging situations during an online meeting

  • Decreased attention, excessive activity, passivity of meeting participants, work with the opposite opinion.

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