Managing emotions and self-motivation in an exceptional situation

A non-standard situation brings a non-standard experience. We experience colleagues, loved ones, but also ourselves in a way that we do not know each other. How to work with your own emotions in an exceptional situation and how to cope with it?

  • Non-standard situation – what to do with it
  • What I experience – my feelings and emotions, how I identify them
  • How to be aware of your emotions and navigate them in the right direction to handle the situation
  • Fear, anger, frustration… – how not to get stuck in a given situation and use the power of emotions to solve an unknown and threatening situation
  • My inner resources, how to find them and know how to use them
  • Self-motivation in a non-standard situation
  • Tools to help me
  • Coping with anxiety and stress in a non-standard situation
  • Interacting with participants and answering questions

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