Management skills III: Motivation – the key to top performance

The Managerial Skills III  course is focused on how to develop the ability to motivate colleagues for effective and reliable performance.

  • To develop the participants’ abilities to motivate colleagues to perform efficiently and reliably
  • Be able to effectively use different types of motivation to achieve the team’s goals
  • To improve in conducting motivational interviews


  • Personal motivation
  • Atmosphere of the working group – team
  • Possibilities of motivation in the manager-coworker relationship

Motivation in managerial practice

  • The needs of co-workers
  • The power of non-financial motivation
  • STOP demotivation – we pay dearly for it
  • Good feeling from work and commitment

Setting goals

  • Goals from the point of view of motivation, SMART goals

How to motivate with feedback?

  • Feedback, praise, positive guidance

Appreciation in labor relations

  • Appreciation is more than praise, it is expressed in different forms. Everyone appreciates a different form of appreciation

Pygmalion Effect and Tom Sawyer Effect

How does motivation work?

  • Expectations, fairness, goal focus

Stimuli and stimuli

Practical advice on how to motivate colleagues

Motivational interviews

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