Managerial Communication for Supervisors and Team Leaders in Manufacturing

The Managerial Communication  course focuses on improving the communication skills of masters and team leaders .

This course is intended for senior workers in production (foremen, team leaders, etc.), for whom improving their communication skills will help them better and more effectively manage everyday (even difficult) situations in their work.

  • To improve the communication skills of foremen and team leaders, so that they can more effectively handle the role of foremen and the practical communication situations associated with it (assigning tasks, transferring information, etc.).
  • Familiarize them with selected argumentative and assertive techniques.
  • Learn to communicate convincingly even unpopular measures and handle the objections of colleagues.
  • Master the effective provision of feedback.

The role and principles of communication in the work of a foreman/team leader

  • The meaning and importance of communication in the work of a foreman/team leader
  • Communication during the management cycle – when assigning tasks, checking and providing feedback
  • Principles and key communication techniques: active listening, verification, paraphrasing, etc.

Communication when assigning tasks

  • Comprehensible assignment – enter in such a way that the co-worker knows what to do
  • Checking understanding of the task
  • Task assignment styles: command, sell, consult, collaborate, delegate

Effective transfer of information

  • Principles of top-down information transfer (how and what to communicate from superiors to the team)
  • Principles of information transfer from the bottom up (what and how to communicate to superiors)

Providing feedback

  • Principles of providing feedback on co-worker performance
  • Praise, positive guidance and reprimand

Argumentation and overcoming objections

  • Overcoming objections from colleagues, methodology, argumentation
  • Selected assertive techniques

Dealing with unwanted co-worker behavior

Communication of an unpopular measure

Solving other selected practical communication situations from the practice of masters

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