Management in a hybrid environment

The course deals with the specifics of hybrid management – management in a hybrid work environment, which is increasingly used by companies.

  • Realize the challenges and impact on manager skills of managing a hybrid team.
  • To learn how I, as a manager, can improve hybrid collaboration and the functioning of my team.
  • Identify possible “wastes” within the hydride mode of operation and how to eliminate them.
  • To provide participants with best practices, recommendations and tips for effectively managing management in a hybrid environment and building a good atmosphere in the team.

Hybrid work environment models and worker functioning types

  • Different models and ways of functioning of the hybrid work environment
  • Different types of collaborators – responses to hybrid functioning

Specifics of management in a hybrid work environment

  • What is different and what specific “problems” hybrid management brings
  • Challenges for the manager

The “5 K” model – conditions for effective hybrid cooperation

  • Model 5 K:
  • Coordination
  • Communication
  • Connectivity
  • Creativity
  • Culture
  • What works/doesn’t work for us and what to do with it – tips, tricks and recommendations
  • 12 Wastes in Hybrid Driving and How to Eliminate Them

Best practices

  • Solving situations from the participants’ practice and sharing best practices

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